Fantasy Portraits

What it is:

Fantasy portraits are basically an alteration of a photo into a fantasy setting, so you (or a loved one) will become truly one of the Fae! We will not copy the original photos, but alter them by original mediums such as pencil or watercolour onto high quality, long lasting paper and add some fantasy touches along the way. We can do pointy ears, horns or antlers, flower headpieces, but also wings, mermaidtails or hooves! We try to give the fairy alter ego as much resemblance as possible, and we will need some information from you to do so.

What we need:

First, we need good pictures to work with. Facial shots are good for portraits, pose figure photos are needed for full figure drawings. The more pictures you send us, the better we can make a choice. We will always do this consulting you and negotiate the final results required. We can easily combine photos, so we might end up with the body shot of one picture and the head shot of another. We would also like to know the favourites! Colors, animal or symbol, flowers and additional preferences for clothes and settings. Letting us know things you definitely do not want is good too. Extensive settings such as backgrounds will add to the price, but we recommend to keep the focus on the figure and not add too much of a background as it is mostly distracting to the portrait.

What you get:

You can choose your wanted size of the drawing. This can be standard A4 or A3 papersize, actual drawing size may vary. If we think the size you want is not fitting for your wishes we will let you know. You can have a portrait (facial) drawing or a full figure drawing. Full figure obviously gives more possibilities but is also a bit more expensive. You can have a black & white pencil drawing, a colour touch drawing (black & white mostly with one touch of color), all colored pencil or a full watercolour drawing.

Fantasy portraits make unique keepsakes and wonderful, unexpected gifts!!

Browse our examples on the website and donít hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.